Advanced Network Securities, ANS Crypto Coin

secures stake in Rapid Cooling Technology Pty Ltd.

This investment, in addition to support provided by the Australian Government is invaluable to the company in continuing research and developing applications for RCTech©

Advanced Network Securities, ANS Crypto Coin, a pioneer in supporting Green Technology, has committed to equity investment in RCTech© Cooling Technology Pty Ltd amounting to more than $AUD 20 million.

After months of due diligence and negotiations, ANS Crypto Coin has secured substantial equity in Rapid Cooling Technology Pty Ltd. 

Rapid Cooling Technology Pty Ltd. has applied for patent protection over a revolutionary rapid cooling process it has developed.  

Applications for this new technology are vast and global. Rapid Cooling Technology's patent pending technology is almost 80 times faster than currently used methods and consumes approximately only 15% of electricity. RCTech© not only saves electricity consumers an amazing amount of money and time to cool products but it will dramatically help the environment.


Advanced Network Securities and Rapid Cooling Technology have compatible mission statements. Both Companies understand the importance of Green Technology and benefits for our Planet.

ANS Crypto Coin is trading on secure Exchanges. Visit for ICO updates and further details regarding this Partnership. 

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