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Rapid Cooling Technology Pty Ltd is an innovative Australian company which in conjunction with Rapid Cooling Research Pty Ltd has been developing a new technology for rapid chilling of canned and bottled beverages that will revolutionise commercial refrigeration as the world knows it.

The patent pending unique process known as RCTech© developed for rapid chilling of canned and bottled beverages will save businesses thousands of dollars on commercial refrigeration systems and their associated running costs per year through the use of small portable and energy efficient ‘on demand’ chillers.

The use of smaller refrigerated chillers using RCTech© technology to rapidly chill beverages on demand in only minutes, is an alternative to large storage chillers like open front fridges, glass front cabinets and cold rooms that store large quantities of beverages 24 hours a day. 


Our beverage rapid chilling machines using RCTech© technology uses up to 85% less energy to chill the same amount of product at the time of use or purchase.  

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