The breaking state-of-the-art technology utilised by Rapid Cooling Technology Pty Ltd is the most exciting Green Technology for the world’s refrigeration industry in decades.
The technology referred to as RCTech© is protected by Australian Patent Application lodged on 14th October 2020.


Applications for RCTech© are vast and varied with the technology, supported by the Australian Government, currently being trialled in commercial applications in Australia.

RCTech© not only dramatically reduces electricity consumption therefore saving money, it also frees up valuable floor space allowing for more inventory.
A machine utilising RCTech© takes up less than 15% of space than conventional refrigeration needed to do the same task.
All this whilst greatly minimising the negative environmental impact of conventional refrigeration.

Example: RCTech© is over 80% faster than currently used methods in chilling bottled and canned beverages whilst only consuming approximately 15% of electricity.

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RCTech© is the result of over 3 years of Research and Development.
Disclosure could not be undertaken until a patent pending application was lodged and accepted in October 2020.

Since then, Rapid Cooling Technology Pty Ltd has received enquiries from numerous Australian and International potential Licensees, Investment groups and contracts worth over $AUD 9 million.

Additionally, and most importantly, Advanced Network Securities, ANS Crypto Coin, a pioneer in supporting Green Technology, has committed to equity investment in Rapid Cooling Technology Pty Ltd amounting to more than $AUD 20 million. 

This investment, in addition to support provided by the Australian Government is invaluable to the company in continuing research and developing applications for RCTech©